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Unparalleled K-12 Reading Solution for Asian student

Animate • Your Library

Intricately structured, vividly illustrated, and beautifully animated reading resources to fundamentally enhance the English standard of Asia’s K-12 students, and help them relativise their abilities against international standards.

Intelligent Diagnosis and Precision Teaching

Grammar • Reading Comprehension • Listening • Comprehensive English Proficiency

Powerful and effective all-round diagnosis of learning problems, integrated with real-time teaching solutions. We make self-directed learning and personalised precision teaching available at students’ fingertips!

Global Live Classroom

Connecting Asian students with EHLA’s teachers in the U.K., U.S. and H.K.

Tailor-made Learning Paths and Structured Courses

Student uniqueness is well taken care of at EHLA. Our intelligent educational ecosystem affords us an in-depth understanding of learning traits and skills, as well as the ability to prescribe individualised solutions.